During the War Arc battle, Shigaraki's target was actually Izuku Midoriya. Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist were able to uncover the truth about One For All, the only quirk that could stop All For One and restore society to heroes. The future of My hero academia is in the hands of Deku.

Izuku left Yuei High to protect his comrades and set out on a lonely mission to fulfill the fate of One For All and destroy All For One once and for all. However, Midoriya is not alone, as previously believed: in addition to the remnants of her quirk and All Might, there is none other than that Currently three top heroesnamely Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist.

As revealed in Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia, Izuku wanted to involve the three heroes at all costs and convince them that it was a 'perfect bait to catch shigaraki and all for one. ""He asked us that, basically we are using the boy as bait to attract the liberation front. "says number one. ""They use the confusion and chaos to stay in the background and pursue their true goal: One For All ".

Although Deku seems to be wandering the city alone, behind him are the best heroes currently available. Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist will never allow bad guys Ruby the one for everyone;; The trap for the liberation front was set.

However, Shigaraki's anger could prove to be a fundamental element of this My Hero Academia saga. Here's what it could be in Chapter 312 of My Hero Academia.

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