The darkest, darkest and scariest night of the year is finally here and the protagonists of My hero academy! This is how cute Eri and the Union of Villains prepare to terrorize the Japanese hero society!

Despite the many commitments to celebrate the night of Halloween, the author Kohei Horikoshi created two beautiful ones and shared them with his Twitter followers unpublished and exclusive sketches. The first of them sees them you were the cutest, accompanied by Nejire Hado and a creepy pumpkin man, whose real identity is most likely that of Mirio Togata, slip into the role of a creepy witch. For the first time in her life, Eri is celebrating Halloween and her new tutors are teaching her to pronounce the trick or treating ritual. In his case, treats other than apples will not be tolerated.

The second illustration by Horikoshi could just be dedicated to the villain, and in particular the terrifying components of the Villian Union. Everyone behind leader Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Mr. Compress, Himiko Toga, Twice and Spinner are ready to terrorize the Pro Heroes! Obviously, none of them had to wear a themed dress, they are scary enough as they are!

The last image celebrating the darkest night of the year is from Anime series collaborators. While waiting for Season 6 of My Hero Academia, Toga wears a vampire cloak, probably very expensive and branded due to its taste, and a pumpkin on his head. Obviously it is in search of blood.

To stay on topic, we greet you and leave you to a darker Deku than ever in the creepy cosplay of My Hero Academia.

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