Recently Marvel Comics has released a new chapter in the King in Black series. Among the new pages in the comic, one character admits he owns the copyright on the villain's name.

In King in Black: Thunderbolts # 1 Wilson Fisk put the villain team back together. Among those participating in the supervillain group are Mister Fear, Rhino, Star, Taskmaster, and others. The latter particularly takes part in a conversation with the founder and manager of the new team. The question asked by the mercenary concerns the maintenance of the name Lightning strikes According to the villain, "invented by a Nazi who pretended to be good to take over the world," regarding the team's origins. In response, Kingpin makes the important revelation motivating that the use of the name is due to his Copyright ownership of the same.

This discovery can be linked to another occasion when the Thunderbolts came into action on the pages of The Punisher. To face Frank Castle, the criminal group was reunited by Baron Zemo and Fisk himself, which suggests The rights were acquired precisely during this period.

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