After overcoming the recent typographical problems caused by the paper crisis, WALK it's a raging river now. The label, dedicated to RW Edizioni's manga, resumed distribution with the July 27 releases and announced more titles shortly thereafter.

Through its official social media, GOEN has announced that it will be available again from Friday July 29th GIFT ± 1. In This Terror, by Yuka Nagate, the demand for organs for transplants in Japan is very high. In response, numerous criminal organizations kidnap and kill innocent poor people to procure materials for the black market, with the complicity of foreign governments and doctors. The protagonist Tamaki Suzuhara searches for a missing person who is very important to her. So he joins one of these underground groups.

GOEN will resume distribution with the arrival of the complete collection of Harisugawa in the land of mirrors. In this unmissable box that contains the three volumes of the work, we live the story of Tetsu Harisugawa, always attentive to the girl of his dreams, Satomi Mao. The two have been close friends since they were children, but things are slowly changing.

Finally she comes Casket from The Strange Cases of Mrs Marple. The two volumes tell the story of Taiyo Misora, a homicide detective who recently married Tsukimi, twenty years his junior. The young woman, tired of the amount of work her husband has to deal with, decides to start an investigation to find out the identity of the perpetrators. Let us know which of these new works you will buy by commenting.

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