Shadows House Anime reveals the first picture

In this year's 48th issue of the magazine Weekly young jump from the publisher Shueisha The first promotional image for the anime adaptation of the manga, written and illustrated by Soumatou, Shadow house. The statement does not yet include production details or release dates, but announced the opening of the official website for this project.

It had previously been announced that a promotional image of the project would be published in this issue. However, it has been leaked since October 25th, although it did have some additional text that was taken straight from the magazine's pages.

On the other hand, Soumatou publishes the manga in the magazine Weekly young jump from the publisher Shueisha since September 2018. The publisher published the fifth compilation volume on June 19 and the sixth on October 16 in Japan. The piece had already hinted at an anime adaptation since an internet domain registration was made earlier this month.

Shadow house synopsis

They live in a strange western-style mansion, a faceless shadow house and the "living dolls" who take care of them. What is the mysterious life they share and what are the true bonds that bind them together?

Source: Comic Natalie

© ソ ウ マ ト 著 (著) / SHUEISHA 集 英 社


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