A renowned Japanese leaker confirmed that the anime adaptation of the manga was written by HiRock and illustrated by Shinya komi, EX-ARM, has dated its premiere for January 2021.

The premiere was planned for July. However, due to the impact of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic on production, it was decided to delay it.

Shinya Komi and HiRock started publishing the manga in the magazine Big jump in February 2015 as a remake of his manga EX-VITA. The series has been moved to the app and website Shonen Jump Plus in December 2017.


  • Souma saitou as Akira Natsume.
  • Mikako komatsu as Minami Uezono.
  • Akari Kitou as Alma.

EX-ARM synopsis

2014: Akira Natsume appears to have an almost phobia of electronic devices while diagnosing it very well. One day he decides to change clothes to look better and have a girlfriend, just like his older brother ... However, Akira suddenly dies in an accident.

16 years later, a special police officer and her Android companion recover and activate a sophisticated artificial intelligence and super weapon called the EX-ARM, giving her full control of her ship as a last resort. It turns out that the AI ​​is actually Akira's mind!

Source: Ryokutya

Β© R ε‘³ ζ…Ž 也 ・ HiRock ・ 集 θ‹± η€Ύ / γ‚° ラ ラ ン ド γ‚Έ ャ ン ン


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