There are few franchises that have more than fifty years of history behind them and are constantly evolving and receiving an excellent reception worldwide Lupine III. Born from the mind of Monkey Punch, the gentleman thief is still very popular and it often happens that he and his companions take part in new collaborations with big companies.

To advertise the Home delivery service MC Donalds, Lupin, Jigen and Goemon took part in a short and funny commercial. In the video below, Jigen and Goemon can be seen watching a girl eat one of the sandwiches made by the world's most famous fast food chain. Hunger-stricken, the two turn to Lupine and ask him if they shouldn't get some sandwiches, too, and the protagonist says so you can easily order them through the application Official McDonald's Japan.

Seconds later, a McDonald's employee is at the door with one of the chain's signature bags. This is the continuation of the first collaboration that started in September 2022. In the previous video, the three approached a McDrive with Lupin, who had forgotten Fujiko's order, and Goemon, who suggested using the application dedicated to the McDrive.

Let us know what you think of this cute place in the comments section. Finally, we remind you that the prequel series Lupine III Zero will be released soon.

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