Lum is one of the most famous anime characters. Rumiko Takahashi's ten-year-long manga wrote an important page in the romcom field in the 70's and 80's. Own Lum is one of the most important representatives of this nature, and now he's returning with a project that few expected.

2022 will welcome Lum's new anime, a project that revisits the atmospheres and characters of Urusei Yatsura by telling unpublished stories that were not adapted in the first series decades ago. The trailer for Lum provided an opportunity to see some of the new graphics and art style, and confirmed the release date within the year. But exactly how many episodes the new Lum anime will have?

Finding out was Weekly Shogakukan Edition, a Twitter account that closely follows the happenings of the Japanese publisher. His discovery revealed that Fuji Creative, a sales company for Fuji TV products in Japan and abroad Added 46 episodes for Lum. An anime that will therefore be much longer than the classic 12 or 24 episodes that are used very often now. So it will be a return that will follow viewers for almost a year.

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