When a new project was planned bleaching, all fans began speculation and theories about what would be addressed. It centers on the millennial war between the Shinigami and Quincy, the final enemies of Tite Kubo's manga, but that doesn't mean the outlines of the story remain the same.

There are actually some Problems in bleach manga which have been studied several times by opera lovers. The anime is the right opportunity to finally correct some mistakes and expand on certain phases of the battle and story to create a more inclusive narrative. However, another one has emerged last detail by Tite Kubothe mangaka who has been working hard on social media and blog lately, sharing situations and details about the work and future project.

A fan asked what Rukia Kuchiki was doing in Soul Society during the Quincy's first invasion. The mangaka's response was, "It is revealed in the anime". A very clear way of clarifying that certain details are delegated to the animation project, which not only slavishly adapts the events of the manga, but also expands on the rest. And now fans can't wait to find out what. and something that we may already know where Bleach will be there during Anime Expo 2022.

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