On May 20th at noon in Japan the publisher Hakusensha made the news public that the author Kentarou miura, Creator of the multimedia franchise by Berserk, had died since last May 6th. The author inspired hundreds of other writers who came after him and therefore several dedications can be read about it on Twitter.

Avoid Saeki, the manga illustrator Shokugeki no Soumapublished a special illustration to remember him with the message: «Kentarou Miura-sensei… thank you for giving us so many surprises, emotions and expectations. I pray from the bottom of my heart that your soul rests in peace».

Yusuke Murata, Illustrator of the manga of ONE, One hit manhe simply wrote: "This can not be true…».

Atsushi Ohkubo, Creator of franchises as Soul eater Y. Enen not a shouboutai ((Firepower), wrote: "Berserk is a work loved by many generations and the Bible of my group of friends. Only a few days ago I had started reading all the volumes again. When I was a student, I heard that Miura-sensei was going to Shibuya for an event, so I went with my friends right away. You left too early!».

Hiro Mashima, Author of the franchise of fairy tale, wrote: "Berserk is a symbol of my youth. Even at this age, I was just as excited about buying a new compiled tape. I am so sad that I cannot control myself. I pray for Miura-Sensei's soul».

Makoto Yukimura, Creator of the franchise Vinland saga, wrote: "I just learned of the death of the author Kentarou Miura. At the same time, my followers reported on my health. Many Thanks. I will take care of my health more and I assure you that I will complete the Vinland saga. Sorry if I didn't use the right words I'll be too shocked».

The official Twitter account of the franchise Sangatsu not a lion ((March comes in like a lion), wrote: "Kentarou Miura-sensei helped by doing two amazing illustrations that were shown at the end of two episodes of the anime. We pray for his soul».

George Morikawa, his mentor and creator of the franchise by Hajime no Ippo, wrote:

«This photo is from a sketch by Takamura that Kentarou Miura made for me. It is a drawing that is very close to my heart. Let me tell you a story In my first post for a weekly magazine, I didn't have an assistant, but he did. He was 18 and I was 19. He was a member of my university's art club and he came after we gave a drawing consultation. I didn't know how good it was so I showed him some of my illustrations and asked him to copy them to evaluate. I was impressed with the results at his age that talent was incredible. After he drew a few other things for me, I was instantly attached to him. We were still young so we took some time to talk about manga.

When he showed me his sketchbook, I realized how good it was. There were scenes of a fairy, some kind of trademark, a warrior and a huge sword. They would later be renamed Puck and Guts. His art, done with a very thick pencil, was unimaginable. When I asked him about these illustrations, he replied, “There are only a few things on my mind. It's something I recently got into. “How long has it been since then? Berserk already existed in his head. Months passed and my Hajime no Ippo series finally started running, concurrently with Berserk. I heard he was having some problems, but I was sure something ... a fantastic manga had started.

It was the show Kentarou-san had worked on all his life and made on his own terms. I was sure that the audience would be as impressed with his art as I was. For his exquisite artistic talent and passion, I no longer have any respect for every chapter he has made. That's the end of my story, we were together for a very short time, but I heard that he always thought well of me. I am very proud to have met him. Kentarou-san, I'm sorry I shared these anecdotes on my own. One day we'll meet again and you'll tell me the end».

Ichiei Ishibumi, Author of the franchise of High School DxD, wrote: "I pray for the rest of his soul ... berserk ... How painful is that?».

The community of players from Final Fantasy XIV He also remembered the famous writer who formed a long line in his honor. «Ceremony in memory of the Dark Knight and the author of Berserk, Kentarou Miura. I love this community».

The French portal Le Monde shared a fragment of an interview with the author a few years ago in which he commented on how he feared dying before finishing his work:

«In 2019, Kentarou Miura told French publisher Glénat that he was afraid that he would not be able to finish his berserking work before he died. ""A long time ago when I started writing this piece I was less concerned about the ending and just thought that I was writing a story that would end sooner or laterDeclared the author. ""But now I realize that life is not forever and I take care of my health to make sure I finish the story I started.""».

Fountain: Le Monde



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