In issue 18 of Captain MarvelWriter Kelly Thompson has revealed to the reader a twist in relation to our protagonist. In fact, Carol seems to have a sister named Lauri-ell. From here on, the latter will not only influence his future, but we will also see him as the protagonist in an empire spin-off.

The character was mainly shown by three illustrations, which we attach at the end of the article. In the first, in which he wears his peculiar armor, he describes a peculiar resemblance to Carol. We see her in a cockpit, certainly before the meeting with her sister.

In the second picture we see instead how she gets used to life on earth, although its titanic dimensions make it very disturbing in human eyes. In the third and last picture we can take a look at it different looks of the character of the artist Carol Smith.

The following is the summary of Captain Marvel number 18, that will hit the shelves of comics on July 29th::

"Captain Marvel is the chief prosecutor! During the war, Carol finds himself in a bold new role - and a brand new weapon, the universal weapon. When a Kree soldier bombs a unified city of the Empire, the Emperor Hulkling sends his new prosecutor to the throwing a quick and necessary hammer of justice. But what appears to be a relatively simple instruction will challenge Carol on a personal level that she never imagined. "

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