There was a time when the episodes of Lupine III only aired on Mediaset networks. In the age of the internet, the thief has continued to find his place on this platform and has also regenerated himself with the latest cartoon series, one of which is also set in Italy. But now the time has come to broaden your horizons.

Indeed, a new debut for Lupine III, this time on the Amazon Prime Video platform. Indeed, the titles have been announced and will appear in the catalog on the Jeff Bezos website in September. Among these, there are many cult TV series such as Buffy, Lost, and Fargo, but there is no shortage of cartoons, including the American Griffin and the Japanese Gentleman Thief.

Lupine III will debut on Amazon Prime Video on September 15, 2020 with the first three series: We will therefore see the thief in the three most famous forms, namely the one with the red jacket, the green jacket and the pink jacket.

Fans can then enjoy one Flood of episodes of Lupine III all together. Remember that the green jacket series is 23 episodes, the red jacket is 155 and finally the pink jacket is 50. Do you watch these episodes and if so, which series will you watch first?

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