Angel laws are not discussed. Whis made it clear a few chapters of Dragon Ball Super ago where he also pointed to the ultimate fate of an angel who abandons his impartial role in the manga universe. Unfortunately, we had to observe this law when working with the last chapter.

It was released on August 20th Dragon Ball Super 63 where Merus was completely torn from life for breaking his role as impartial. Indeed, the galactic policeman gave Goku and his companions a tangible advantage over Molo. The Saiyan now appears to be able to enter the state of complete ultra-instinct, the form he was unable to have during the days of training with Merus.

The situation in the world of Dragon Ball Super can change after the battle with Molo. With Goku became much stronger and quiet hit by the final death of Merus could go to the high priest for a chance bring the angel back to life. Perhaps this time no longer as Angelo, but as a human being and a member of the Galactic Patrol, so that he no longer has to submit to certain laws.

However, the High Priest's answer is not taken for granted, and when he decides to teach Goku a lesson?

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