Fans of ONE PIECE You are always thirsty for information delivered with a dropper from Shueisha and Eiichiro Oda. In the past few days, however, the well-known mangaka has allowed himself the microphones of a Japanese TV show and has revealed several pieces of news about his manga. He first revealed how much is missing from the ONE PIECE finale.

But he certainly didn’t just hold back on it, revealing many anecdotes about the relationship with the editors of ONE PIECE he had over time and other little curiosities for the fans. Below we collect all those who have not yet been announced in the other news.

  • When choosing a manga to read, Oda just googles “Interesting Manga”;;
  • Oda likes to spend money on smartphone apps and games. He spent a lot of money to get a “Super Rare Shanks”;
  • Oda considers Shimohuri Myojo Seiya to be one of the best comedians in Japan. Taiyo Matsumoto is a brilliant mangaka and that the staff on the anime The World of Golden Eggs were brilliant;
  • The writer likes spas, likes when he can cook a rare steak, and when he gets on good terms with the anime staff.

With ONE PIECE Oda gives the reason for many ideas and too many signs. What will the future of the mangaka be after ONE PIECE?

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