In the vast world catalog of manga and mahnwa, it's difficult to find works built around social issues and approached with serious tones by the authors. lookismSouth Korean webtoon written and drawn by Park Tae-joon is part of the collection of these rare works and soon the animated implementation will arrive.

In August 2020, Crunchyroll proposed 5 webtoons to become anime. Also among the titles was Lookism, and now, some two years later, the animated adaptation of the work is fast approaching the debut it is slated for November 4, 2022 on Netflix . Made by Studio Mir, which you may know from the anime series Dota: Dragon's Blood or from the surprising animated film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, the anime was presented in a first trailer that you can see in @animetv_jp's post at bottom of page.

The first frames show the everyday life of the High school student Daniel Park, constantly abused and bullied by peers because of his physical appearance. But one night the protagonist wakes up in a different body, bigger and more athletic. Realizing that he can constantly switch between the two covers, Daniel begins his personal mission: Combating discrimination against people perceived as different or unattractive. Are you interested in Lookism? Will you follow the anime? Let us know in the comments.

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