The new series Justice League Dark was immediately marked by very dangerous clashes that completely upset the lives of the unusual group of protagonists, and the current narrative arc has shown how much the new antagonist, the Upside Down Man, is capable of crushing the whole team with his own Forces.

In the most recently published volumes, it was expected that at least one of the team members would die trying to defeat the villain, and it seems that this prediction has been proven to be true. Justice League Dark # 26 It starts with John Constantine and Detective Chip trying to seek help from Madame Xanadu to bring the Upside Down Man down for good.

Instead of giving a straightforward answer to their problem, Xanadu prefers to resort to tarot reading. As soon as the "moon" card is drawn, Xanadu reveals what it represents the dichotomy between magic and illusionand that the key to unlocking magic is to make people believe that they are in a different reality than their own. Before Constantine leaves he is asked to draw another card and after accepting it we learn what fate has in store for the wizard originally created by Alan Moore.

Constantine drew the "death" cardand as the volume continues, we see him and Chip return to their companions and then begin a face-to-face confrontation with the enemy. After a long monologue about the power of magic and after protecting his companions in a kind of magical bubble, Constantine decides to step out of the sphere to face the man on the head. seriously wounds him with a beam of energyand pierced his chest. You can find the relevant scene on the page shown below.

The tape ends with Zatanna walking towards Constantine's seemingly lifeless body. Recall that DC Comics announced the transition between Justice League and Doom Metal, and we leave you to the surprise death of the first annual Batman / Superman band.

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