The Paru Itagaki's name is now associated with Beastars, the manga with anthropomorphic animals that has also recently become an anime for Netflix. The work of the last few months has won several more or less important prizes in the Japanese and non-Japanese panorama and has also received a broad audience response, as the Beastars edition confirms.

The reality is that this wildlife was created by the author long before. While the Beastars series started in the Weekly Shonen Champion in November 2016, the author had already published it in the same magazine Collection of short stories Beast Complex in March of the same year. It was this success that led to the creation of the currently running manga.

But now that Beastars is coming to an end, it has been announced that Paru Itagaki will be returning to the first work. Beast Complex will return with a brief serialization from January 2021. It is possible that the mangaka only wants to prepare 5 or 6 chapters, enough to make another tankobon.

Even though they play in the same world as Beastars, they are Beast Complex stories have nothing to do with each other and affect other characters. While we wait to find out what this other vision will bring to anthropomorphic animal society, we can enjoy the Beastars finale over the next few days.

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