In the boundless waters of the universe ONE PIECE The art of the sword is a fairly common practice, but no one knows how to master sidearms quite like Drakul Mihawk. A former member of the Fleet of Seven, Mihawk is considered the finest swordsman alive, and now his mastery of swordsmanship has been immortalized in a new character.

Mihawk first appears in Chapter 49 of the ONE PIECE manga that cuts the Creek Pirates ship in two to destroy the Baratie. In the next chapter, Zoro recognizes the hawk eyes that distinguish Mihawk and knows his own incredible talent with the swordShe decides to challenge him. An episode that will make the two rivals for a long time until Zoro finally meets him after the war for supremacy and asks him to train him.

For now Mihawk is back on the Navy radar, Since the dissolution of the Fleet of Seven desired by Reverie, he co-founded the Cross Guild organization alongside Crocodile, an event that also led to a significant increase in his size. To honor the greatest swordsman in the world, Infinite Studio has the collectible figures which you can see below. The 40 centimeter high statue is detailed, both in the depiction of the character and the Yoru, the powerful black-bladed sword. The statue will be launched in the second quarter of 2023 and can already be ordered at Price of 395 euros.

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