At the end of the rise of the saga of the Twelve Houses of Saint Seiya, the knights devoted to the goddess Athena are immediately faced with another great threat. That third story arc of Knights of the Zodiac It's a filler that only happened in the animated series. Let's find out what happened in the cold Nordic countries.

Athena saved before Threatened by the high priest Arlesthe anime series of Saint Seiya, continues the story of Pegasus, Sirius, Andromeda, Phoenix and Crystal Asgard saganarrates the original and missing episodes in Masami Kurumada's work, ranging from 74 to 99.

In the cold and lost city of Asgard, the Odin's Priestess Hylda of Polaris She is determined to pray to her god. Suddenly, a mysterious voice suggests that she take up arms and declare war on Athena to give her followers a better home. After the request was positively accepted, Hilda calls back i seven knights of Asgard and sends one to Athens, Mizar, with the task of killing his rival. Mizar defeats the Knight of the 2nd House Taurus, but when he then faces Isabel, he is forced to retreat due to the Bronze Saints' intervention.

To find out the reasons for this declaration of war, Saori, Seiya and the others make their way to Asgard, where they discover that Hilda's change is due to the Ring of the Nibelung. In order to save her, they must take this precious object from her, but they only have one day to avoid melting the ice of Asgard.

The first fight takes place Thor, who only lets Seiya beat him after realizing Hilda's change and Athena's real spirit. Shortly thereafter it will be Shiryu's turn Luxoran ideological battle in which the Dragon Knight prevails to then face Hyoga Artax.

Completed this confrontation meets Andromeda mime, the knight of Asgard who fights with music. To save Shun is his brother Ikki, the Knight of the Phoenix, who holds Mime accountable for the mistakes made.

Belongs to the remaining Knights of Asgard megres, a knight despised by Odin's priestess, but now given full freedom because of the Ring of the Nibelung. This fight will prove to be one of the most difficult, also due to the sword of Balmung, but Shiryu will eventually be able to claim victory.

The last fight is between Shun and Mizar, who even manages to destroy Andromeda's chains with his blows. However, it will be the Andromeda Nebula to resolve the clash Alcor who intervenes after the demise of his brother Mizar. Ikki takes care of the latter.

The last obstacle for Athena's knight is Orion, the strongest of Odin's followers who has no weaknesses. Just as Saori reaches her final strength, Orion is struck by a final Pegasus bolt. However, a new enemy suddenly emerges, Sirya, Knight of Neptune, who reveals it was his own God of the sea to manipulate Hilda. Enraged by what he has discovered, Orion will sacrifice himself to defeat Siryia. Finally, Seiya will wear Odin's armor and with his sword he will stop the apocalypse of Asgard. The war is over, but a new battle is already beginning. We say goodbye and leave you with the summary of the first narrative arc of Saint Seiya.

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