With chainsaw man The final arc of the debut season is upon us. Finally the series showed what Aki can do in a challenging fight. A new group launched their first attack and not even Aki's official kitchen gloves could have made the difference!

Aki and the others found themselves in a situation surprise attack by someone who has the same power as Denji. This new fighter could transform into the devil katana just like Denji with his chainsaws. The dangerousness of this new Chainsaw Man foe had Aki so cornered that the boy had to unleash a new trick up his sleeve.

The video seen at the end of the news shows Katana Man being cornered by the curse trap, but unfortunately that hit wasn't effective enough to end the fight. In fact, the fearsome new adversary He's been dating a girl who poses an even greater threat.

What do you think of the Clash between Katana Man and Aki in Chainsaw Man 1x08? In the meantime, you might be interested to know that Aki's viral TikTok features an amateurish live-action take on Kon's iconic debut scene.

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