Kiki, Home Delivery has been added to the Netflix catalog in the past few months. The Studio Ghibli film therefore decided to help all fans who want to create something Cosplay dedicated to the protagonistand created a new series of dresses.

At the end of the news you will find a picture that shows the dress that is in two different colors, the dark blue version with the picture of the broom called "The essence of the witch"and the beige with the title"Bread wreath". Both are reproductions of the clothes Kiki wore in the feature film to help cosplayers who want to try to recreate the look of the protagonist of the film released in Japanese theaters in 1989. The two versions are available from the chain's online store of stores." Donguri-sora and is priced at 7,480 yen, which is roughly € 60.

We are sure that there will also be other items of clothing in the coming months inspired by the protagonists of the works of Hayao Miyazaki, who have quickly become some of the most beloved characters by Japanese animation fans. In the meantime, the date for the reopening of the Kiki Museum, Home Delivery and other works by Studio Ghibliwhich was closed on February 25th due to the coronavirus emergency.

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