After a week break My hero academy goes on to take the reader inside the structure that represents the Yuei's flying fortress, where one of the most brutal battles of this war rages.

While the support department employees keep the fortress active by any means necessary, a small group documents what is happening. That will help Bring society closer to heroes and faithfully tell the story of how the heroes triumphed.

Next we want to see Bakugo throws his strongest blow. The explosion he creates nearly destroys the Yuei, but does virtually no damage to Shigaraki, who, on the other hand, manages to grab one of Kacchan's limbs. Bakugo's health is worrying My Hero Academia fans.

Shigaraki, or What's Left of Him, claims to be completely disinterested in the character of Bakugo, who recognizes the rift between them. While dealing with Mirko and the others present, the villain eventually proposes that he will use Kacchan to summon Deku.

As Eraserhead desperately calls for help, Mirio Togata emerges from the underground. Again alongside Amajiki and Nejire Hado, ie The Big Three of the Yuei You are ready to save Bakugo. We'll find out if they succeed when My Hero Academia 360 is released.

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