The sixth season of My hero academy it ended with an apparent return to normal. Izuku Midoriya has been rescued from his lonely path by the companions of 1-A, and as the Hero Society tries to rebuild after the revelations that have deeply undermined them, a foreboding nightmare awakens the protagonist in an unedited scene.

decu He finally understood that he didn't have to take all the responsibility and continue to face the villains without any support and think about the risks the people would take by his side. Anyway, it stress and excessive fatigue accumulated under the guise of Dark Deku, and during the Paranormal Liberation Front war they even tormented him in his sleep.

Now safe in the academy's dormitories, Deku was indeed awoken from a nightmare rolled into one Completely original anime sequence, never appeared in Horikoshi's manga. In the dream in question, as you can also see from the clip at the bottom of the page, All For One and Tomura Shigaraki appear now completely disfigured and transformed by the Quirk and the experiments that were done on his body to make him more powerful.

Instinctively Deku wakes up and uses the Black Whip to react to the attack that ends the dream but finds himself in front of Ochaco Uraraka, happy to see him in strength. Let us know what you think of the addition of this never-before-seen scene in the My Hero Academia Season 6 finale in the comments.

Here is the debut of the American heroine of the main character of the first saga of the seventh season of the anime.

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