Eiichiro Oda has now started the final saga of ONE PIECE, and as expected, the greatest pirates of the New World have sprung into action to get to the island of Laugh Tale as quickly as possible. However, to hinder the plans of the worst generation, we still find the ancient emperors and their extraordinary abilities.

Red Shanks has been a key figure in Luffy's journey since the beginning. He is the one who bestows the precious on the protagonist, ed emblematic straw hat, in turn inherited from the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, and until now he has always tried to protect his charge while staying away from the Mugiwara. In chapter 1079, however, Shanks returned to the center of the narrative, moved by an interest in recovering as many documents and details as possible about the Poigne Griffe strait and thus approaching Laugh Tale.

As he did so, he approached the ship Eustas Kidd, who acted on impulse out of revenge for the arm he had lost years ago and the certainty that he could stop the Emperor. In one shot, with the technique Divine farewell However, learned from Roger himself, Shanks easily manages to repel the attack from Kidd, a man with 3 billion berries on his head.

As predictable as the outcome of the battle may be, Shanks has only shown part of his true abilities, and the fact that even Blackbeard seems to fear the Red suggests that he is currently the most powerful pirate in the ONE PIECE universe. And what do you think? We await your thoughts on the Shanks and Kidd fight in the comments.

Before we say goodbye, we leave you with ONE PIECE chapter 1080 theories and a nice Nico Robin cosplay on the beach.

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