Among the animes that began in October 2020, we have spoken often Jujutsu Kaisen. The director, who was working on the implementation of the work, recently revealed some of the comics he wants to animate. Let's see them together.

Published on the pages of the magazine Shonen JumpGege Akutami's 2018 manga received an animated adaptation that is currently still in publication. The work was to be directed Sung Hoo Park, a man who has been in the animation business for years, and we can remember his most recent role as a director on The God of High School, which the author of Manhwa celebrated with a work of art.

Just like the work mentioned above, one of the next comics Park plans to work on is also of Korean origin. In a ComicBook interview, the man actually revealed two series that he would like to adapt to, the first of which is Gosu. Created by Ryu Ki Woon and Moon Jung Hoo, Manhwa is published on WEBTOON and tells the story of a young martial artist who wants to avenge his master. He trains for years to accomplish this purpose, but later finds out that his targets have already been killed.

The second work that the director would like to put his hand on is I am a pet. This title could refer to a Boys Love Web manga in which a boy named Zen puts himself in the service of his classmate Seiji. From this special relationship between the two new feelings arise.

What do you think? Would you like to see these series animated? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, for those interested, I will report on a crossover fan art between Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man.

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