In the 1980s, Akira became Toriyama, the father of Dragon ballbegan publishing several volumes in a magazine about his life and the experiences that contributed to his training as a writer. It is only thanks to them that we now know anecdotes about his masterpieces that would otherwise remain anchored in the dark.

It is not easy to say exactly how many issues of the magazine actually appeared, as they have never been reprinted since the 1980s. However, we know for sure that at least 25 issues have been published. In a way, the magazine today Bird country press it's a real one Holy Grail of Dragon Ball culture, a unique as a rare piece. Tracking down even one of the magazines is really difficult and the few available, even if they are not in optimal conditions, are sold at exorbitant prices.

At the time of writing on Ebay, numbers 1 through 3 are available, each selling for € 540 and the other two for € 483. Few magazine owners found and translated the magazine's excerpts, such as writer Derek Padula, and many other curiosities related to Akira Toriyama's masterpiece are still waiting to be revealed today. It was only thanks to these numbers that we learned of Toriyama's passion for cars and many other anecdotes about the serialization of Dragon Ball, one of the masterpieces of the action genre of Japanese culture.

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