The official release date of Jujutsu Kaisen, taken from Gege Akutami's manga, is October 2nd. The first episode is simulated with Japan on Crunchyroll. The first episode leads us into this new world, in which a group of students must navigate through a world full of monsters and curses.

Shonen series have always been a big part of the anime and manga world, and now, too Demon Hunter is the attack of the giants are nearing the end, it could be a good time to do so Jujutsu Kaisen make a bang.

In the new trailer, we were able to see breathtaking images in which the animation style of the Study MAP it didn't disappoint at all and we got a foretaste of the opening of the Japanese band "Kaikai Kitan". eve, Artists which is enjoying great success at this point.

Jujutsu Kaisen tells the story of Yuki Itadori, a student who lives in Sendai with his grandfather. Despite being an athletic talent, he hates athletics and for this reason decides to join the high school's occult research club. After a series of events, his friends from the occult club break the seal of a powerful talisman and, from that moment on, draw all curses on themselves.

In Japan, the manga has quickly become a popular series for Weekly shonen jumpWith 8.5 million copies in circulation, just a stone's throw from Demon Slayer, one of the most popular manga of the moment.

Are you excited just a short time away from starting this new adventure? If this trailer isn't enough for you, we recommend checking out the third Jujutsu Kaisen trailer!

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