Jujutsu Kaisen is back on our screens with a new episode after the break at the end of the year. With the new episode, a new arc has begun, introducing new enemies that Yuji and the rest of the jujutsy tech will face in the next few episodes.

After the fun reunion between the protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen and after seeing the new opening and ending, Jujutsu Kaisen is back! Flanked by the Kyoto school, The two schools will launch a challenge that will improve collaboration and goodwill between the two schools. However, right at the beginning of the episode, Kyoto revealed that it has other plans.

Episode 14 of Jujutsu Kaisen introduced some new things and brought Yuji together with the Tokyo wizards. You are preparing to compete with Kyoto. The challenge between the two teams shouldn't be fatal, but as a result We are told that the goal of the Kyoto team is to kill Sukuna's portersYuji, between the confusion.

The school principal of Kyoto, Gakuganji Yoshinobu, wants his students to kill Yuji because I don't see him as a person, but as the bearer of the threatening Sukuna. The arc of the assassination is getting darker and darker after a brighter start, that is now clear Jujutsu Kaisen gets more intense from episode to episode. Are you fans ready to dive into this adventure? What do you think the plan will be to kill Yuji?

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