Jujutsu Kaisen quickly became one of the best Shonen in the world, which arouses high expectations for the return of the anime with a second season and especially for the prequel film, which will be released on December 24, 2021. One of the main aspects of success lies in the presence of rather characters, fascinating and interesting.

It is undoubtedly to be found among these Mei Mei, a mysterious female character. For this reason, we decided to analyze it more closely and better define everything Gege Akutami has revealed to us so far. Although her age was never indicated by the events in Gojo's past story arc, we learn that she was attending jujutsu high over the years Mentor of the mighty wizard. Given that the story took place in Gojo's second year, it is plausible to believe that Mei was from the third year and therefore is around 33 years old in the present.

She is presented as a calm, almost indifferent woman who is only interested in amassing money. It was for this very reason that he chose the wizard's career. He never demonstrated a certain sympathy for groups and organizations, and this is also reflected in personal relationships. In fact, Mei Mei doesn't seem to be associated with anyone who doesn't prove their worth.

As for his cursed tech, they say Manipulation with black birds, and allows her to create ravens into which she can instill cursed energy, and through which she can observe and inspect her whereabouts. Certainly it is not a combat technique with great offensive capabilities, but it is indispensable in reconnaissance missions or where it is necessary to develop a plan of action based on the position of the enemies.

However, this doesn't make her a mediocre hand-to-hand fighter. As a matter of fact the level reached by Mei Mei cannot be improved, since the sorceress is able to knock down quite powerful and dangerous enemies with quick and easy movements, also thanks to the ax that she holds on the battlefield. It is currently unable to generate its own domain, but the skills developed thanks to Black Bird manipulation make it anyway superior to many from a strategic point of view.

After all, his most powerful attack is the bird strike, which consists in hitting the opponent with one of his ravens, in which a large amount of energy is concentrated. So far only Gojo has managed to survive such a blow. Finally, we leave you to an awesome cosplay dedicated to Mei Mei.

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