Dragonball Super didn't just lead the Z Fighters into a world of Deitybut also expanded the Shonen franchise through explorations alternative realities full of opponents for Goku, Vegeta and their friends to fight.

Universe Six was the first reality introduced to the fighters of Universe Seven, and it gave the series more his first female Super Saiyans. Speaking of the latter, a sketch has surfaced online showing one new version of the acting character known as Keflaborn from the fighters Kale and Caulifla. The sketch can be seen on the news below.

When Kale and Caulifla were introduced during the Tournament of Power, they were able to achieve some impressive levels of power Master the Super Saiyan in record timethanks in part to their ally Cabba, who taught them the transformation he'd learned from Vegeta.

Caulifla even went so far as to turn into a Second Super Saiyan during her battle with Goku. Kale turned out to be Broly's version of his universe. While Kefla's Fusion was powerful in itself, it was ultimately unable to defeat Goku in the anime or Gohan in the manga sites.

The artist shared Dis Sketch, a version of Kefla created by running, on his Twitter profile the Metamor dance instead of using the Potara earrings. This fusion can only stay active for thirty minutes before the two participants break apart and fail to perform the fusion for another hour.

What do you think of this new version of kefla that uses the metamor fusion dance? Do you think we'll see Dragon Ball Super once again dive into the alternate realities introduced earlier in the series? How do you imagine it could be the most powerful transformation of all in Dragon Ball Super?

Finally, we leave you with this Caulifla Dragon Ball Super themed cosplay. Let us know in the comments below. We remind you that you can read the Dragon Ball Super chapters on Manga Plus.

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