Mobile Suit Gundam: announced the release date of the new movie

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise has taken several heavy hits despite the entire film Gundam Mobile Suit: Hathaway's Blitz has an official release date! It will be released in Japanese cinemas in 2021.

The new film in the Gundam saga takes place in the original universe, which introduced the mecha suits known as "Gundam". Hathaway's Flash will introduce a new character, spiritual successor to the hero and villain of the original series.

Hathaway's lightning bolt was born out of a series of novels, the years after the original series of Yoshiyuki Tominoand follows the story of the terrorist Hathaway Noa, who tries to wage war against the Earth Federation. He is considered the successor to Amuro and Char, the original "hero and villain" of the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. The new film will hit Japanese theaters in 2021.

The Twitter user SugoiLITE has announced this Gundam Mobile Suit: Hathaway's Blitz will be released from May 7, 2021and released an image that delighted fans of the series and was excited for the return of the original series.

Although the Gundam franchise was hit hard during this pandemic, popular model builders Gunpla, Gundam, They became incredibly popular during the quarantine, an ideal pastime. To counter the infection, the Gundam-themed masks also arrive.

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