The world of the wizards of Jujutsu Kaisen it has become enormously more complex in the last few chapters. The series of disasters changed the fate of Yuji Itadori forever. Recently, the character Yuta Okkotsu appeared in the main manga, which caused a lot of trouble for the protagonist.

With Jujutsu Kaisen 142 we had reached the point where Yuji was seen dead by Yuta: the latter wizard presented Naoya with the corpse of the manga's protagonist, but it was all a farce. in the Chapter 143 made available in English on MangaPlus On Sunday March 21st it was announced that Okkotsu had made important agreements with Satoru Gojo.

Given the suspended execution hanging over Yuta's head, Gojo had long ago organized a Plan B to save Yuji of a similar fate. Long before the events of Shibuya happened, Gojo Okkotsu had announced that he would be the one to take care of Yuji if something happened to him.

Therefore Okkotsu has now stepped onto the scene and accomplished his purpose. Yuji appeared dead to Naoya Zen'in after Yuta's blow, and he can save himself for at least some time. But now it gets even more complicated as Gamo has started a new sadistic game with the wizards.

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