There are some works that are part of a culture today as they have been with generations of enthusiasts for many years. Hirohiko Araki's masterpiece, Jojo's bizarre adventurecertainly occupies a prominent place among these cult titles of the Japanese comic scene.

In fact, the tireless sensei has been supporting the franchise with new works for many years, currently in its eighth installment, which began in May 2011 between the pages of Ultra Jump, the monthly home magazine Shueisha. The party concerned, JoJolion, has also arrived in Italy under Star Comics, which has 20 volumes on the 23 tankobons published so far.

Araki's latest manga is currently selling well over 12 million copies. This puts the franchise at the forefront of the Japanese publishing industry. As if that wasn't enough, Jojo's bizarre adventure: Jojolion reached 100 chapters upon release in August, a special event for a monthly series that the magazine wanted to honor with a full color cover for the magazine that you can also admire in a leak at the end of the news. In any case, the series won't be long as Sensei said Part 8 is nearing completion.

Instead, what do you think of this umpteenth milestone for the franchise? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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