Jojo's bizarre adventure is one of the most popular manga franchises in the world. The work, begun in 1987 and still in progress, consists of 9 parts that narrate the exploits of the Joestar family in very distant and different historical periods. Remember, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure surpassed 120 million copies this year.

As incredible as it is brilliant, the spirit behind Jojo goes by the name of Hirohiko Araki. The mangaka has devoted most of his career to the history of the Joestar family, inventing crazy stories that have guaranteed him many fans around the world. Araki is also a man full of passionsabout which he often tells very special anecdotes: once the creator of Jojo spoke about his passion for swimming, which risked ruining his first date with his future wife.

In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Ultra Jump, Araki was asked what he likes to watch online and his answer stunned insiders: "Videos online and the only ones I watch are of people falling. Why can't there be more, I wonder?β€œAn undoubtedly bizarre hobby created by Jojo's creator, bizarre as his series' title is.

And you, do you appreciate the videos of people falling? Who knows if Hirohiko Araki will one day launch her own Falling website People Tubebut we are sure it is Videos enough to watch for many years.

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