The conclusion of JojolionHis eighth season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, signed by Master Hirohiko Araki, has shaken the reader and fan base with various homages in various social networks. However, the mangaka has chosen to end Joshua’s story, set in the alternate universe introduced in Steel Ball Run, with a nice twist.

The last chapter begins with a guardrail that attacks the two supporting characters of the series with a corpse. Fumi and Lucy Steel, whereby he manages to seriously injure it. Fortunately, Fumi manages to protect her from the bowels of the body, which are used as bullets to hit her. A surreal scene that Araki has got used to over the years and that is also dissolved a frenetic fight in which the Hermit Purple booth returns.

A few boards later, on the way into town, Lucy asks Fumi for her real name, and as some lovers had predicted, the boy turns out to be an alternative version of Joseph Joestar, Protagonist of the second Battle Tendency series and one of the main characters in the sequel Stardust Crusaders. “My name is Joseph Joestar. It is written in Japanese Josefu, that’s why I call myself Fumi-kun “ this is how Fumi officially introduces himself before he briefly talks about the Family origins.

From what was revealed, the name would actually have chosen his Grandmother Rina, wife of the American Johnny Joestar, known during a boat trip across the Atlantic. What do you think of this turn of events? Did you expect Fumi to be Joseph? Let us know with a comment below.

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