There are few mangakas that can boast a similar past in the horror genre as the master Junji Ito, which has managed to transport millions of readers to spooky and mysterious universes since Tomie in 1997. But what if a superhero pleases Invincible met the terrors of the master?

The artist tries to answer this question Ryan OttleyDesigners of the original Invincible series that inspired the animated series of the same name on Amazon Prime Video, which has also contributed to hugely popular series like The Amazing Spider-Man over the years Marvel Comicsand The Flash for the other industry giant, DC comics. In fact, an Invicible fan would have asked Ottley about it during MegaCon 2023, the annual convention organized in Florida dedicated to comics, anime and role-playing games Draw an Uzumaki cover of Invincible.

The artist accepted the challenge with great commitment and the result, as you can see from his post at the bottom of the page, is a hit Fusion between his style and the disturbing elements characteristic of Ito's stories. Mark, shown in the background, asks Atom Eve how she's doing, and the heroine in the foreground presents the spiral of horror in the now-famous tale of the master of horror manga.

Let us know what you think of this crazy crossover in the comments. Before we say goodbye, we leave you with our special dedicated to Robert Kirkman's superhero vision expressed in Invincible and our review of Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, an anthological series available on Netflix.

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