The fall season of 2022 is a very special time for fans of Yoshihiro Togashi's work. In addition to resuming the serialization of Hunter X HunterAn exhibition dedicated to the master's works was opened, which also featured special messages and sketches signed by other mangaka, such as Demon Slayer's Koyoharu Gotoge.

Thanks to the success of the anime and the Ufotable-produced Demon Slayer film, the Gotoge series quickly topped the charts of best-selling and most-watched series in the 2020-2021 biennium, boosting the popularity of the author, who is still in the shadows due to her privacy is wrapped. Still, the mangaka wanted to show his attachment to the Hunter x Hunter series by dedicating one Sketch for Shizuku and Machitwo members of the Phantom Brigade known respectively from the York Shin City and Celestial Arena sagas.

Gotoge, as he tells in the message to Togashi, he followed Hunter x Hunter when he was still in elementary school, discussing possible developments with his classmates and trying to understand which category of Nen he belonged to. Today, as an adult, she fondly remembers those moments she spent Immerse yourself in the Hunter universeand finally thanks the master for making such exciting manga.

Finally, we leave you with the Hunter x Hunter Chapter 393 predictions and Togashi's Commentary on the Exhibit.

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