Because of the behavior of Power Denji ended up in the bat devil's trap. The situation was very complicated, but in the end the boy transformed and gave life to the chainsaw man's first fight, having joined the anti-devil organization. And it was a success, celebrated between blood and guts for the time being.

The finale of episode three was all about the victorious protagonist, but now it's time to reap the rewards. Chainsaw Man 1x04 focuses on the outcome of the battle, and Denji is happy with his reward. And to confirm this, we think a Chainsaw Man 1x04 trailer and thumbnails.

In the first tweet there is the Video with Denji facing a new devil with a purple and sprawling body, while the following scenes see Aki and the involvement of a new group of characters. After a few scenes with Makima, Power, and Himeno, we can see Denji making the sign of Palpatine with his hands, revealing the real reason for his fight.

But there seems to be something else on the horizon: there will be new mission in Chainsaw Man and it's not sure if it will be as easy as what the protagonist is facing right now.

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