Currently, the princes of Kakin fight for the throne of the Empire on the ship. But this follow-up saga needs to be reminded that it's only a small part of a much longer journey that Hunter will come into contact with Hunter x Hunter Dark Continent. And behind all of this is a certain person.

At the head of the Hunter organization was Isaac Netero, who knew best how to use the Hunter x Hunter Nen. The president who died unbeknownst to everyone during the saga of the Chimera Ants had a son: Beyond Netero. It was he who appeared in Chapter 340 and started the new Dark Continent saga. Beyond is a man in his fifties who bears a close resemblance to his father, with a long black beard and a prominent ax scar on his face. He has great charisma and manages to win the sympathy of others and is ready to seek allies.

Beyond has already arrived on the dark continent once, despite his father's objections, on an expedition that killed nearly all of its members. For this, Netero forced him not to go to this world again until his death. It is precisely this event that sparked Beyond's desire to create another expedition that will begin in Hunter x Hunter. Thanks to the involvement of Nasubi Hui Guo Rou and Pariston's plot, Beyond managed to corner the hunter organization and force them to join the expedition.

At the moment, Beyond stayed on the sidelines, leaving almost all of the space to Kakin. But surely his time will come.

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