Slam dunk is an institution and even today he is considered one of the best Spokon of all time, if not the best of all time. Takehiko Inoue managed to create a story full of competition and passionate characters that will keep the reader glued to the pages and viewers glued to the screen.

It's no coincidence that Japanese parents recommend reading Slam Dunk. And now that the basketball courts are returning to the big screen, all fans have been called to the rally. In a few weeks the movie Slam Dunk The First will be out, a new film project with Shohoku back in the field. To start a countdown, the studio decided to release another one Trailer with the protagonist Kaede Rukawa.

It starts with a big "11" to remind you when Slam Dunk the First releases, then shortens to a few seconds with Hanamichi's famous rival in the foreground. Rukawa performs on the basketball court featuring multiple moves and dribbles ending in a dunk for a field goal before moving on to a scene outside in a dimly lit room.

Are you satisfied with the Return of the Shohoku team in Slam Dunk the First? There is currently no news of a western arrival for the film.

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