If there’s one thing that the manga reading public knows, it’s that there are some Japanese comics that come out with a very extended cadence. We think of the giants of the breaks like Nana, but who often ends up in the eye of the storm Yoshihiro Togashi from Hunter x Hunterone of the most famous mangakas in the industry.

It’s been known for years Togashi has back problems, which led to him interrupting Hunter x Hunter several times. Many readers still lash out at mangaka, convinced they actually enjoy video games or don’t work. How is it really? The mangaka has repeatedly left comments about his status, and now comes a new letter in which Togashi explains his back problems.

In his letter he explains that “after have not been able to sit in a chair for two years‘ he managed to write Hunter x Hunter again, as also evident from recent tweets filling his Twitter page. He then also made an appeal, asking everyone to watch their backs. He also commented that up until two weeks ago he couldn’t “wipe his ass” so every time he had to go to the toilet he had to take a shower, then he warns everyone to be careful and that if they find something on the mess drop, better Be careful and choose the right posture for the back.

Speaking of trade fairs, Togashi is dedicated to an exhibition that will take place in Tokyo from October 28th to January 9th and for this reason he has prepared the letter as well as a picture that you will find below with all his characters.

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