Sailor Moon: The Lost Role of Bunny’s Best Friend

Was one of the most successful shojo in the nineties Sailor Moon. The work, written and drawn by Naoko Takeuchi in Italy, has even won over male audiences despite some discrepancies. In fact, one of the protagonists was completely forgotten in the course of the series.

In Sailor Moon, Naru Osaka (Nina in the Italian adaptation) is introduced as the best friend of Usagi Tsukino (Bunny), but her appearances are more unique than rare. Especially in the manga the girl it is hardly presented and after the protagonist got to know the other sailors, she is completely forgotten. Nina was treated like a disposable object; a less than ideal role for the protagonist's supposedly best friend.

Naru is featured in the very first episode of the anime and portrayed as a sensitive and responsible girl as she berates her friend for always being late or having lunch in the school corridors. Precisely in these early stages, the role of Naru it completely loses its meaning.

However, in the cartoon series, the girl appears more often and is the favorite target of several villains. In the first season Naru falls in love with one of the antagonistsNephrite. But this love story was short-lived when Nephrite sacrificed himself to protect her from some monsters.

Basically, Naru is one of the most abused protagonists the franchise, despite its strong attachment to Bunny. Her predilection for being a target for bad guys could have led the series to give her a more prominent role, such as making her a seaman. However, throughout the course of the opera, Naru is in the dark about Sailor Moon and everyone else. The sequel to Sailor Moon will be released on January 8th. To cheer the wait, Sailor Moon Eternal details, posters and trailers have been revealed.

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