Chapter 300 of My Hero Academia showed the dire aftermath of Shigaraki Tomura's recent attack, and as Endeavor prepares to face his own inner demons, other heroes have decided to give up. Among many, we even witnessed the resignation of one of the greatest Japanese pro heroes in the latest issue.

Yoroi MushaThe number 9 hero in the best Pro Heroes ranking has actually decided to retire because of the shame felt after the failure of the Shigaraki conquest. This led to the great flight from Tartarus and complete anarchy in several Japanese cities. The hero announced his retirement at a press conference, but wasn't the first to drop out of the top 10.

Endeavor It ranks first at the moment, but after what happened to dabi, its popularity is falling and Japanese citizens keep asking for explanations. Number 2, Hawks, has yet to recover from his injuries to Dabi himself Best Jeanist ed Edge shot they managed to escape the clash with the villains unscathed.

The second part of the ranking is definitely the worst Mirko lost two limbs to the Nomu attack while crust He lost his life trying to save Aizawa. With Yoroi Musha's resignation, they're just staying in business Kamui Woods, To wash is Ryukyualthough the latter was mutilated by Shigaraki and is currently under the care of doctors.

As you can see The ten heroes are in bad shapeand even Gang Orca, number 12 on the leaderboard, appears to have suffered multiple injuries from Gigantomachy's advance. At this point, it is reasonable to expect some new additions as the Heroes Society needs new members to represent the Pro Heroes.

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