The fall season marked the return of one of the medium's most popular shonen, Hunter X Hunter. While Yoshihiro Togashi has already returned to the pages of Shonen Jump with two new chapters, Shueisha has publicized the recent release of Volume 37 of the manga in Japan by distributing a special synopsis and promotional video.

Although it started with chapter 349, the Succession Race Saga only come to life after the voyage aboard the gigantic Black Whale, currently home to some of the best hunters in the world, members of the Zodiac, the Princes of Kakin, the three most powerful mafia families in the Empire, and even the Phantom Brigade, returned in Chapter 392.

Through the promotional video shown at the bottom of the page, Shueisha presented fans with a brief synopsis of what has been shown in the story arc so far, and also focused on the role of in several frames Kurapika, interested in recovering the last eyes of his clanPart of Prince Tserriednich's collection.

Let us know what you think of this new Hunter x Hunter promotional video by leaving a comment below. Finally we remind you that Togashi will no longer post news on Jump, leaving you to the spoilers of Chapter 393 of Hunter x Hunter.

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