The city of Meteor has always been known as a bad place to live. This place has always been a place of outcasts, placed on the fringes of society where crime protected no one, not even children. And in the last chapters of Hunter X HunterTogashi has repeatedly emphasized.

But there was a little happiness corner where the kids could have fun. Created by Quoll Lucifer, the show made life easier for these outcasts, who could gather in a room to watch the adventures of their favorite heroes, which were also dubbed so everyone could understand what was happening. But alas, disaster is just around the corner, as Sarasa's disappearance casts a huge shadow.

and So, Hunter x Hunter 398 will be dedicated to revenge, a revenge that is both sweet and bitter for the protagonist of this flashback. Quoll Lucifer is ready to become a criminal through and through so he can track down and slaughter those who killed little Sarasa and did her worse. With the ecosystem he's creating, Quoll will likely get his hands on the killers right away and pay them back in kind.

And so the spider will succeed in its first mission Chapter 398 of Hunter x Hunter will be released on Sunday 11th December at 16:00.

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