Meanwhile, the battle against the squads in One-Punch Man seems to be coming to an end. One by one, the monsters seem to give way to the newly discovered heroes, who hold on for as long as possible despite their injuries. The opponent is now Black Sperm, who also made it difficult One punch man 146.

See Saitama in One hit man, but only on the cover where the title "Reinforcements" is present. Because it's exactly reinforcements that we're talking about in this chapter, with Bomb next to Fubuki, both of whom were involved in the conversation about how much Tatsumaki and Fubuki are like. On the main battlefield Tatsumaki is still up working against Black Spermas well as Bang, Superalloy Darkshine, Iai and Atomic Samurai.

The squads continue to split and seem to lead the game, but surprising reinforcements arrive for the heroes: the council of swordsmen masters. One by one, the new characters on the site unleash their attacks to get Black Sperm into trouble. The monster plans to split up further e unleash a sperm tsunamibut if it split further it would risk losing strength. The homeless emperor, on the other hand, seems determined not to intervene, thinking of the moment when he will wander on an earth devoid of humanity.

Genos brings Tank Top Master to safety, from Fubuki and Bomb, and the two can heal him thanks to the girl's psychic powers. Both are exhausted and fall to the ground when another monster emerges from the depths of the earth behind them: Garou. Transformed by anger and hatred, he is almost unrecognizable. Bang is therefore forced to move away from Black Sperm in order to find relief with his student and to take responsibility for past mistakes. Fubuki and Bomb will last long enough in the next chapter of One-Punch Man?

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