There The company of heroes from My Hero Academia is perfect, transparent and full of charismatic characters. So it seemed at the beginning of the manga, but slowly, that Deku and his friends came more and more into this world, they came into contact with situations that differ from the norm and emerged from certain events.

Fleck was an example, Tomura Shigaraki too, and now that All for One is back in action, all of the little peace that All Might built has fallen apart. Deku faces the villain group alone and hopes to find information about him and stop him. The only clue, however, seems to be that of Lady Nagant, a character who has also returned as the protagonist My Hero Academia 314.

After he was grabbed by the protagonist, Lady Nagant manages to break free shows great coldness and ability. The conflict between the two lives and even the struggle of ideals does not subside. The woman not only attacks Deku with her bullets, but also with questions about her experience, which is blinded by an era of peace.

Horikoshi thus begins telling the past of Lady Nagant, a woman who worked for the Public Safety Commission and who often got her hands dirty on tasks that were not publicly known. A situation that ultimately got her into psychological trouble and caused her rebellion that culminated in the murder of one of her superiors. This story, of course, was not made known to the public.

Deku understands that not everything that the heroic society did was fair and transparent and that there are so many gray aspects, but that's exactly why he has to reach forward. Lady Nagant does not give up and decides to change her goal. aimed his rifle at overhaul. Will that be enough to distract Deku?

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