It is not yet clear what path the story will take Boruto: Naruto Next Generation However, over the next few chapters, Masashi Kishimoto builds an increasingly intriguing and narratively complex story. Indeed, the many careful techniques presented in this sequel contribute to this.

The previous number foreshadowed a future in Boruto that promises to be dystopian, especially at the end where we saw Naruto's son visibly upset. However, Chapter 75 also took a moment to summarize what's currently going on the recognized powers of the Senriganthe ocular ability of Eida.

As Shikamaru explains at the beginning, the Senrigan actually has different abilities: The left eye allows it look at everything that is happening in the world and consequently to be able to intervene as if it were in that place. But that's not all, because it also allows her to scroll through the past as long as it didn't happen before Eida was born, a limit that therefore ends at 16 years. It is therefore an extremely powerful ability to obtain information, ideal for Shikamaru that he needs her by his side to support the Hokage and protect the village.

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