Yoshihiro Togashi has ten Hunter x Hunter chapters to draw before proceeding with publication. The mangaka strives to bring it back Kurapika and the other hunters published in Weekly Shonen Jumpwith the narrative arc of the conflict between hereditary principles coming to life.

Lately, Togashi has opened a Twitter account to show his progress and with the progress of the past few days, he has shown that he has come a long way. A few days ago he was working on Hunter x Hunter 398, with some pages appearing very quickly, even in groups of four. But over the weekend this work was done and now this Mangaka went to the next level.

Yoshihiro Togashi is now drawing Hunter x Hunter 399, the penultimate chapter to be completed before the expected return to the magazine. The published tweet of the chapter starts with a yellow page with a weird eye on it, probably to hide something, while then you actually notice that on the left Page that is almost fully displayed, with lots of balloons and most importantly a character in the center who is not entirely clear who he is but who seems to be loading his nen. Then there is the tweet published today, June 20, with page 3, from which no information can be gleaned.

Time flies and the wait gets shorter: Hunter x Hunter is about to return.

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