there life of effort it was long but lacked satisfaction. Though he managed to become the No. 2 Japanese hero on My Hero Academia, he always suffered a crushing defeat when considering the rift between himself and All Might. Not to mention all the family problems that still bother him.

This psychological dynamic of Endeavor has been made clear in My Hero Academia for some time, and another article has been included in the final chapter, 356, published a few hours ago MangaPlus. The flamboyant hero keeps moving forward despite everything and with that fiery fortitude he managed to overcome the serious injuries All for One inflicted to give a mighty right to the villain who put him back in the game.

My Hero Academia 357 will then review Endeavor alongside Tokoyami and Hawks. Now we must finish the job and silence the super villain, who, however, refuses to be subdued. At this point, another action-packed chapter is likely to kick off, pitting the remaining heroes against the villain who might now take another hit.

My Hero Academia 357 will be released on Sunday June 26th at 17:00 on MangaPlus.

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